Dead lions make me sad.

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I had completely forgotten that a woman contacted me years ago to see if she could buy the rights to my photograph of the Tsavo Lions in a book. She made it sound like it was some little self-published pamphlet. It actually looks pretty neat…in a morbid kind of way. (this was shot old-school, with film, […]

Gilbert Legrand

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Now that I am out of college, and my grades are safely recorded in the back of some dusty file cabinet, I can admit that I had a favorite design teacher, Bob Coonts. I arranged my whole schedule around his classes. To this day, whenever I’m in a design quandary, I think to myself, “WWBCD”? […]

Do you wish you could see samples of our work? So do I!!

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Do you wish you could see samples of our work? So do I!!

Please bear with me as I redesign my site. I’m busy photographing, writing, and uploading, all while doing that pesky billable work, too! Please check back soon, or contact me directly if you’d like to work together. I look forward to relaunching soon!